After each patient it is important to run cleaner through the drive air line before sterilization and to re-lubricate after sterilization.


  1. Clean external surfaces of the handpiece by scrubbing with a damp toothbrush or wiping with a paper towel. do Not run under water. Wipe dry after clean.
  2. Insert the bur into the chuck. (disregard steps 3-8 if you have a MaintenanceFree turbine)
  3. Spray the cleaner into the drive air line for -3 seconds.
  4. Rotate the bur back and forth between your ingers to loosen any debris inside the handpiece head.
  5. Operate the handpiece over a paper towel to purge used lubricant and debris.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until expelled luid is completely clear.
  7. Operate the handpiece until all cleaner has been expelled.
  8. Wipe the external surface with a dry towel to remove expelled luid.
  9. Sterilize your handpiece according to manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. Allow the sterilized handpiece to cool gradually to room temperature. (disregard steps 2-4 if you have a MaintenanceFree turbine)
  2. Verify that the bur is securely in the chuck.
  3. Apply  drops of lubricant or spray lubricant into the drive air line for -3 seconds.
  4. Operate the handpiece for 30 seconds over a paper towel to expel excess lubricant from the handpiece.
  5. Wipe external surfaces with a dry towel.
  6. Your handpiece is ready for use.

Push Button Chuck Maintenance:

Twice a week

  1. Remove the bur from the handpiece.
  2. Place 2 drops of handpiece oil into the chuck.
  3. Insert the bur into the handpiece.
  4. Run the handpiece over a paper towel at 35 psi to expel excess lubricant.
  5. If your push button chuck is stiff, after step 2 hold the chuck open and work the bur in and out to lush debris.

External Maintenance tips:

  • Never use any type of cold sterile, alcohol, or disinfectant on your handpiece.
  • Do Not submerge any handpiece in running water or ultrasonic cleaner.
  1. To remove any debris from the outside of the handpiece, use a damp toothbrush, then use a dry paper towel to wipe the out-side of the handpiece. discard the paper towel in a biohazard bin.
  2. Clean the toothbrush with a cold sterile wipe or dip, or place it in an ultrasonic cleaner for 1 cycle.
  3. Rinse the toothbrush thoroughly in water before repeating the cleaning process.

Other helpful tips:

  • Air pressure should be set to 30-35 psi. If running MaintenanceFree turbines, air pressure should be set to 40-42 psi.
  • Always insert the bur completely into the chucks.
  • Never depress the push button to stop the bur.
  • Avoid dropping the handpiece.
  • Do Not use cold sterile, alcohol or disinfectant on your handpiece.
  • Check sterilizer temperature. It should be no higher than 76 °F (135 °C).
  • Before using your handpiece or applying a load, be sure to run it for 10-15 seconds.
  • Use the smart cleaner to remove clogs from water lines