Don't compromise your rebuild by using lower qauility component parts. Our Dynamic Perfection Dental Rotors or SureFix TM Bearing Kits assembled with only the best quality bearings and dental handpeiece parts that allow you to offer your suctomers high-quality, longlasting repairs

What services you can expect from us:

  • We supply dental handpiece replacement parts
  • We supply only the highest quality parts for most dental handpieces on the market
  • We supply products from USA or from EU location based on agreement
  • We keep the spares stock for you that allows you to reduce your expenses and to speed the delivery time
  • We accept all orders regardless of size

As we dedicate ourselves to dental handpiece products, tooling and repair innovations, you will find that we are continually adding new products to our dental handpiece parts offer. Therefore, please contact us if the item you are looking for does not appear in our offer.

Additionally, you can download the Products catalogue to keep you fully up to date on our product range. 

Interested in private label products? Contact us for information about branding our dental rotors, dental handpieces or other dental hanpiece parts with your company name or logo so that you can expand your own product line.