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Why Pay To Replace Something That’s Not Broken?

When a highspeed handpiece fails, 90% of the time it is only the bearings and 0-rings that have worn out. The extreme heat and pressure of autoclaving, combined with cleaning/lubrication breaks down the 0-rings and the retainer inside the bearing assembly. Other turbine component parts are usually reusable. Stop replacing expensive component parts that do not need to be replaced. Use the EZ Press IIITM to replace your worn out bearings.


The EZ Press IIITM allows anyone in your office to quickly and easily repair most of your highspeed handpieces. You simply use the EZ Press IIITM to press apart the turbine assembly, remove the worn out parts, and then reassemble the turbine assembly with new bearings and O-rings (or you use parts from your rebuild kit). Included is a free training video, step-by-step instructions, and free technical support, so anyone can learn to do it.

Handpiece manufacturers do not make bearings. They buy them, just like we do. The EZ Rebuild KitsTM consist of new original manufacturer´s quality bearings (ABEC-7 rated) and precision 0-rings. Therefore, when the procedures are done correctly, the rebuilt turbines should last as long as the original turbine. Write us today to start saving time and money.

Rebuilding high speed handpieces has never been so easy.

Designed with technology gathered from years of experience, over 250,000 handpiece repairs, and input from the bearing manufacturers themselves, the EZ Press IIITM is the ultimate in fast, easy, precision, high quality handpiece repairs. EZ Press IIITM guarantees precision placement of the bearings on the spindle, and works on every highspeed handpiece on the market.

Complete Turbine Assembly

EZ Rebuild KitsTM

Consist of quality bearings, 0-rings and, in some models, wave washers. All parts are new, fully autoclavable and available for all highspeed handpiece models and chuck styles, including pushbutton, friction grip and standard screw chuck.

Note: EZ Rebuild Kit is just a set of 2 bearings and O-rings, so you are free to decide if you will buy new bearings or you buy a rebuild kit. Both options work.

6 Basics stepsWorks on Kavo, Star, Midwest, Lares, NSK, Kinetic, Siemens, Lynx, Adec, Bien Air, Yoshida, Schein, Dabi Atlante, Impact Air, Ney, Safco, Healthco, Champion, Athena