LTL (LifeTimeLube) Bearings

The Maintanance free handpiece Bearings

  • MaintananceFree - no more cleaners, no more lubricants
  • Self-lubricating ball cages - nearly double the wear resistance of Phenilic cages
  • Integral shield keeps out contamination
  • Angular contact contraction for enhanced performance
  • Available in smooth, flanged or grooved configurations

In a conventional dental bearing, the shield protecting the balls is held in place by a shield wire. In LTL bearings, the shield is an integral part of the outer ring. This results in a far tighter tolerance that keeps contaminants out. In combibation with self-lubricating cages, this results in the first truly Maintenance Free handpiece bearing. Available in smooth, flanged or grooved configurations.

LTL bearings are the first high-speed, self-lubricating dental bearings to combine superior wear resistance with exceptional autoclave resistance. These new premium bearings raise handpiece standards: smoother operation, longer life and maintenance-free performance.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations to fit most existing high-speed handpiece designs, LTL bearings address a real needs of cosmetic dentistry market.

They let dentists and hygienists focus on patient care. Dental professionals no longer have to purge and lubricate handpieces to maintain optimum performance. Hygienists spend less time on handpiece maintenance and have more time to spend on periodontal maintenance and scaling.

Minasure LTL bearings contain an integral shield that minimizes the gap on the inner ring, preventing lubricant loss and contamination from entering the bearing. Unlike radial bearings, Minasure LTL bearings feature symmetrical cages. Angular contact design enhances performance and extends bearing life because - unlike radial designs - each ball is fully supported and completely surrounded by the cage.

Greater Precision Lessens Vibration and Noise

Tighter tolerances ensure better fit, reduce radialplay variation and lessen vibration and noise to ensure greater customer satisfaction. The critical components of Minasure LTL bearings meet ABEC 9 specifications.