High-speed Dental Bearings

High precision miniature dental bearings that we deliver are produced to the highest Quality Assurance standards and are noise and vibration tested to ensure smoother bearing operation, longer life, and higher speeds. Dental bearings are available with few different ball cage materials to meet the complete range of high-speed operating environments.

  • Oil or Grease dental bearings
  • Ceramic dental bearings
  • Non-ceramic dental bearings
  • LTL (LifeTime Lube) dental bearings

A Choise of Ceramic or Steel bearings

Stainless steel dental bearings are perfect for medical and dental equipment, theye must be very small but also very precise and durable, as well as corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel ball bearings provide greater corrosion resistance.

Ceramic dental bearings perform better and last longer. With balls that are 40% the density of steel but twice as hard, bearings incorporating ceramic technology experience reduced wear, vibration, and noise; minimize damage to the outer ring and cage; and tolerate marginal lubrication conditions better than steel. The result is a longer and better performing repair. Upgrade your handpiece repair offering by using Ceramic bearings.

A Choise of Angular Contact and Radial Configurations

Angular Contact Dental Bearings feature symmetrical cages. These enhance performance and extend bearing life as each ball is fully supported and comptetely surrounded by the cage. Angular contact bearings must be axially preloaded with a spring or 0-rings to assure contact with the full unrelieved shoulder.

Radial Dental Bearings are less expensive and easier to work with than angular contact bearings. They have full shoulders on both the inner and outer raceways so they won’t disassemble during handling and instatlation in the handpiece.

Lubrication with Minapure Grease. Research has shown that grease can enhance the life of high-speed bearings as it is less likely to dissipate at high speeds. Heat-resistant Minapure handpiece grease is designed to stand up under repeated sterilization. It is an inert, non-toxic synthetic that’s specially formulated to help ensure that handpieces will run smoothly and reliably.

LTL LifeTimeLube bearings are the first high-speed, self-lubricating dental bearings to combine superior wear resistance with exceptional autoclave resistance. These new premium bearings raise handpiece standards: smoother operation, longer life and maintenance-free performance