Ceramic bearings

Ceramic Bearings are ideal product for dental handpieces, other medical devices and tools.

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We supply HHC Dynamic Perfection Rotor Cartridges models for more than 20 brands of dental handpieces .

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EZ Press III

When a highspeed handpiece fails, 90% of the time it is only the bearings and 0-rings that have worn out.

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High-quality and economical repair of dental handpieces using quality dental bearings and dental turbines Dynamic Perfection of HHC production (USA).

  • Do you wish to reduce repair costs of dental handpieces without losing the quality of the handpiece?
  • Are you interested in delivery of high-quality, competitively priced spare parts for dental handpiece repair?

To align with high requirements of quality and precision in the dental field we offer you smart and cost effective solution – high quality products and less expensive prices. Both highspeed replacement parts and lowspeed replacement parts are available at a reasonable cost.

As your supplier of the highest quality dental handpiece parts and dental bearings you will find our assistance in offering you total Handpiece solution here.

We offer dental handpiece replacement parts, a broad and diverse range of high quality, precision dental bearings and dental rotor packages for most dental high-speed and slow-speed dental handpieces. 

Dental Bearings

Dental bearings of the highest quality bearings manufactures

Dental Rotors and turbines

Dental rotors and turbine assemblies for different types of dental handpieces like Bien-Air, KaVo, W&H, NSK, Sirona, Midwest, Star, Lares, Dabi Atlante  and other dental handpiece brands

Dental spare parts and accessories

We, also, supply variouse highspeed replacement parts and lowspeed replacements parts like dental handpiece gaskets, gears, o rings, tools, nose cones, contra angles, and many more items for your dental handpiece repair business.

EZ Press III

Easy way to repair your handpiece using EZ Press III. Save money and decrease repair costs by up to 80% !